What is Corten Steel?

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Corten Steel Guide – What is Corten Steel?

Also known as weathering steel and often spelt COR-TEN, corten steel has been specifically developed for both corrosion resistance (COR) and tensile strength (TEN). The combination and production of these alloys means corten steel is a weatherproof, strong and corrosion resistant material known for having a brown-orange appearance. It is this rusty coating that protects the steel from oxidising by forming a protective shield on the surface. This means corten steel doesn’t need to be painted and is resistant to all atmospheric weather conditions so it does not need covering, sealing or protecting from the elements.

The dark brown or ochre-ish hue that makes Corten steel so recognisable has become a style unto itself, with artists and engineers alike queuing up to take advantage of its bold colour and weather proof properties for sculptural and architectural purposes. The partially rusted surface has a thin layer of metal oxide that does not compromise the integrity of the metal itself (like normal rust would). This layer protects the metal and ensures it retains its strength and longevity without suffering the gradual corrosion that occurs with mild steel and iron. Furthermore, this protective layer is able to repair and regenerate itself, requiring very little maintenance.


Fires, Stoves & Log Stores

Due to all of these properties, Corten steel is becoming increasingly popular in homes and gardens and is fast becoming the popular choice for luxury outdoor living fire pits, stoves and log stores. We have prepared this corten steel guide to help share some key features, characteristics, heating advice and maintenance tips for owning a corten steel outdoor fire product.


Key Advantages:
• Very strong and wear-resistant
• Sleek and timeless design
• Weatherproof and durable material
• Warm and natural appearance

• Products are delivered un-rusted (unless otherwise stated)
• Products must be unpacked immediately after delivery to ensure there is no moisture between the packaging and the product as this can cause irregular rust and stains.
• The accessories such as smoke flues and rain caps are easy to assemble by sliding them together.

Heating advice:
• Start with firelighters with small pieces of dry wood placed on top
• Use small pieces of dry wood to slowly heat the fireplace and smoke flue. Once the fire is burning clearly, you can slowly increase the fire (use max. 1,5 kg dry wood per time).

• Clean the grill immediately after use and store in a dry environment. If the grill is kept in the fireplace for a few days, it will have the chance to rust. All Adezz grills are tested and SGS certified.
• Remove the ash after use and clean the flue pipe once a year.
• With all the black coated fireplaces rust may occur on the welded seams. You can touch this up with the supplied spray with heat-resistant lacquer. However we would suggest that painted outdoor fires are protected from full exposure to the elements all year round.


Corten Steel in the UK

Corten steel is commonly used in the construction industry today, from housing structures and bridges, to the massive cranes used to build the structures themselves. It is also well used in the freight/shipping industry, including transport, tanks and shipping containers, as well as rail and road vehicles.

Most people in the UK are familiar with the famous Angel of the North sculpture in the North East and knowing what you do now, it will not be a surprise to learn that this is made from Corten Steel. Similarly the Broadcasting Tower in Leeds, uses the combination of corten steel construction with exposure to the Yorkshire weather to enhance its overall beauty.

So, whether your looking to create a sculpture for your own garden, build a water feature or simply sit around an open fire, consider corten steel not only for its weatherproof and longevity qualities, but also the warmth and beauty this material will add to your home.


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