Outdoor Furniture Cleaning and Maintenance

How to clean our furniture

Our range of furniture has been specially designed and selected using high quality, long-lasting materials specifically designed for outdoor use. Due to their durable materials, there is little maintenance required. However, for best results and longevity please follow the below guide.


This lightweight yet strong material is ideal for outdoor furniture. Our range of aluminium products are powder coated to prevent oxidation, ensuring quality and long-lasting use and require little maintenance. To maintain the look of your products we recommend that you clean them from time to time with warm soapy water and a mild detergent.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel used for our range of furniture has been carefully selected to ensure strength, corrosion resistance and durability. Naturally, stainless steel can show signs of staining and discolouration over time. To prevent/reduce this simply clean the furniture using a stainless steel cleaner.


We recommend cleaning our glass products with glass cleaner then finishing with water using a microfibre cloth.


Our range of ceramic tabletops have been carefully designed to ensure maximum strength and durability. They are scratch, UV and temperature resistant and very easy to clean. We recommend using a mild household cleaning agent or ceramic cleaner.

Sling & Weave

This range of furniture is all-weather resistant making it easy to keep clean and virtually maintenance free. If needed, we recommend cleaning with warm soapy water or a high-pressure washer from a distance of approximately 15cm to help your furniture retain its appearance.


Our range of teak furniture is made using premium grade planation grown FSC Teak. Teak does not require any cleaning maintenance. After many years it will weather to a silver-grey colour. If you wish to remove this appearance, you may use an electric sander to remove the surface layer. Then, gently sand with a fine sandpaper to smooth any raised grain. After a period of time teak can develop end grain checking, this is natural and does not affect the materials strength or durability. To prevent the teak weathering for as long as possible we recommend using our Teak Protector.

Sunbrella Fabric

Our fabric furniture and cushions are made using Sunbrella. This can be left outside all-year round and requires little and easy maintenance. Details on how to clean and remove all types of stains can be found here: https://global.sunbrella.com/en-us/how-to-clean. We recommend cleaning our fabric furniture using our fabric cleaner kits to keep them looking brand new.

To learn more please read our guide on Sunbrella Fabric.


Our furniture made from polyethylene is 100% recyclable. We recommend cleaning simply spraying it with a degreaser or detergent, rubbing with a damp cloth and rinsing with water.


Please note: we do not recommend leaving our furniture with wood or bamboo attached outside for prolonged periods of time. If you require any further assistance on caring for your furniture, we are happy to help. Call us on 0191 260 5959 or contact us at sales@luxoutliving.co.uk.

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