Chesney’s HEAT Cleaning and Maintenance

Chesney’s HEAT Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep your appliance looking new and prevent it from looking weathered we recommend following this guide of basic cleaning and maintenance.


We recommend always cleaning your appliance after each use. To do so, burn charcoal at 200 – 250 degrees for 15 minutes with the baffle in the vertical position. Once cool and before your next use clean the grill with a wire brush, sweep out any ash, remove the grate from the ash pan and empty. This keeps the airways clear. The grate and lid can be cleaned using warm, soapy water. Avoid solvents and cleaning products as they can taint the food.


Once a month we recommend visually inspecting your appliance and drying any areas that appear damp. If you spot any rust then this should simply wipe away with a cloth or for more stubborn rust stains, they can be removed using wire wool and graphite powder. If you wish to touch up any areas with paint, you can use the black touch-up paint which can be purchased as an add-on at the checkout.


The glass on your appliance will usually remain clean however should it become dirty then simply clean it using a damp piece of newspaper dipped in the ash. When cleaning the glass, avoid the rope seal and ensure it is dry before relighting the stove.

Storing and General Tips

We recommend using the provided weather cover when the appliance is not in use. To do so, simply remove the flue and apply the cover. If the cover feels damp after any rain or bad weather it is helpful turning it inside out and placing it in an open area to dry out.

The serving shelves should not be used as a chopping board or have excessive weight applied to them. When you aren’t using your appliance to cook we recommend removing the shelves to prevent the risk of heat damage and to protect them from any bad weather.

If you require any further assistance on caring for your furniture, we are happy to help. Call us on 0191 260 5959 or contact us at


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