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Living the Luxury Life Outdoors
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A Little bit about our story…


We’ve carved our careers in all things Fireplace & together have amassed just shy of 50 year’s experience! Our Tulipalo Brand was founded using that experience, to bring luxury Fires from around the world to match them to decerning clients looking to have them. In a heartbeat, 8 years has flown by, but we still love what we do. As of course do our clients!


As with many businesses with a retail focus, 2020 was something of a crazy year, COVID:19 led to us having to close the showroom and adapt to a new way of doing things. It also meant we were blessed with the opportunity to spend a lot of time working from home, coupled with the fabulous weather we enjoyed we also got to spend a lot of time in the garden. This inevitably meant that we started to try and redesign our outdoor space, it was then we realised that there was another gap in the market in the North East for Luxury, High-End outdoor products.


We used our international reach and knowledge to bring together a portfolio of design led outdoor ranges & quickly decided that rather than attach it to our existing brand of Tulipalo, it needed it’s own stand-alone company, so Lux Out was born. Your go to place for Exceptional Garden Furniture, Lighting, Planting, Cooking & Heating!


We are passionate about delivering the very best in Design, Quality & Luxury to our customers. This has been one of the corner stones of our success at Tulipalo, it will be a shared Ethos with our new venture, and I think you’ll find it hard to find a more comprehensive range of beautiful products to Lux Out your own outdoor spaces…

Excellent service! The fires are beautiful! The team was very professional and efficient! I highly recommend #LUXOUT Living

-- Elizabeth --

Meet The Team

Michele Sparke-Pearson

Founder and Co-owner

Simon Sparke-Pearson

Founder and Co-owner

Chloe Warburton

Marketing Coordinator