Planters & Pots

Make a statement with our range of illuminating solar plant pots and planters. Our selection of pots covers everything from traditional to modern with a wide range of sizes, styles, shapes and colours to choose from. Browse our range of polyethylene plant pots and planters that are both light and highly resistant to extreme temperatures. They are also protected against UV rays, making the lifespan of these products extraordinarily long. Find the perfect home for your plants to live in while adding some character to your garden.

Rounded with textured finish, Violeta pots are available in various sizes and colours.

Modern, crisp straight lines available in a variety of colours and square, tall or rectangular designs.

Domed base plant pots available in multiple sizes and colours.

Tapered plant pots available in multiple sizes and colours.

Cylindrical and tall, the Palma plant pot is great from lining paths and walkways.

This tall and wide and narrow planter is an excellent option for screening.

The curved range of Camelia plant pots have a contemporary look available in four shapes/sizes and colours.

Four square plant pots in multiple colours, great for decking’s and patios.

Compact and rectangular planters available in multiple sizes and colours.

Available in two sizes with a rounded shape and tapered base.

Classic round plant pots in multiple sizes and colours.

Square tapered plant pots perfect for doorways and pathways.

The Magnolia range of traditional plant pots are available in six sizes ranging up to 1.3m in diameter.

A tall rectangular planter with a curved front that can be combined.

Tapering, tall round plant pots in two sizes and multiple colours. 

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